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A digital edition in the form of a Web site is available ( but only for the participants of the congress. The communications are not available in open access (decision of the ECOS international committee).
To have access to all the details (including keynotes presentations), you need a password.

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ISBN number for the conference proceedings

The ISBN number for the ECOS 2015 proceedings (memory stick)  is : 978-2-9555539-0-9

ECOS 2015

The 28th ECOS conference will be held on 29 June ‐ 3 July 2015 in Pau, France.

All the aspects of energy and their impacts will be presented.

Hosted and organized by :

  • the LaTEP laboratory (Laboratoire de Thermique, Energétique et Procédés)
  • the ENSGTI (Ecole Nationale Supérieure en Génie des Technologies Industrielles)



 “ECOS is where engineers/scientists meet yearly to discuss developments in the general field of energy.
Starting with precise education in thermodynamics and its application to all forms of energy conversion, exergy, thermoeconomics, energy harvesting and bringing to life new energy systems have been the primary reason this conference has been going on for 28 years in all parts of the world but primarily in Europe.
The initial intent was to bring together the European scholars with those from other lands, particularly North America. For twenty seven years, this has been accomplished and a healthy conference has been held every year.
Participation in ECOS will expand one's horizon not only in the technical areas that are covered but also to interact and network with colleagues throughout the world and start and continue professional and personal friendships.

We, therefore, welcome all of you to ECOS2015 and future meetings where you will experience firsthand the professional camaraderie that exists amongst the participants.

Welcome to ECOS2015 in Pau, France!”

Özer Arnas
Honorary chairman
U.S.Military Academy at West Point, NY, U.S.A.

“The increasing number of environmental restrictions as well as the growing problems of the availability of energy resources urge the energetic sector not only to develop its technologies but to use them more rationally.
The ECOS conferences have a long tradition in fostering the key aspects and the scientific knowledge that are essential to take into account the evolution of all the aspects of energy and their impacts.
As in the previous years, distinguished presenters participate in ECOS2015.
The organisation of this congress is based on the expertise of the LaTEP laboratory from Pau University but also of the French scientific community working in the energetic sector.

We are looking forward to meeting you at our congress which is held in Pau in 2015.”

Jean-Pierre Bédécarrats
Deputy Director – Laboratory of Thermal, Energy and Processes
Professor, Pau University


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