We offer and develop natural gas transport and storage solutions for the European market, abiding by the principles of sustainable development, guaranteeing reliability and safety to meet the highest standards in the industry: by adapting to changes in French and European regulations, by guaranteeing reliability and safety to meet the highest standards in the industry, by ensuring the development of gas infrastructure to the satisfaction of current and future customers, by helping to ensure the security of European supplies.
BRGM is France’s reference public institution for Earth Science applications in the management of surface and subsurface resources and risks. BRGM (Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières) is the French geological survey. Key objectives - Understanding geological processes and associated risks, - Developing new methodologies and techniques, - Producing and disseminating data to support the management of soils, subsoils and resources, - Delivering the necessary tools for the management of soils, subsoils and their resources, risk prevention and policy responses to climate change.
Training & Consulting UT2A Training & Consulting UT2A
Training & Consulting UT2A is born from researchers' willing to share their know-how in the fields of inorganic analysis and speciation. Trainings & consulting UT2A is a training centre, spin-off of the University of Pau and the Adour Countries (UPPA), and ENSGTI and IPREM (UMR CNRS / UPPA 5254) partner’s. With more than 15 years of experience in the organization of training courses, and accompanied by experts more and more numerous in other analytical sciences than those who constitute our heart of business, we are at your disposal to help you develop the field of your technical and analytical activities.
Institute for the sustainable engineering of fossil resources. ISIFoR assembles a set of competences in the field of the sustainable engineering of fossil resources, including the geosciences, mathematics, chemistry and engineering sciences. Its competences are divided according to three technological challenges: the efficient use of conventional resources, the development of new resources and the control of the environmental footprint.
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