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Poster information:

Poster boards are 100 cm Width and 250 cm Height.
The typical accepted format of a poster is A0: 84 cm (33 inches) Width, 119 cm (47 inches) Height. 
Because of the size of the board (100 cm wide), the A0 posters should be hang up vertically on the board (be careful to print your poster accordingly to accommodate this constraint).

Equipment to hang
the poster up will be available on site.

To prepare the poster layout, please click here to download the template.

Poster Session Format (about 60 minutes)

Poster presentations are an excellent way to facilitate the rapid communication of scientific ideas. Poster presentations should visually guide viewers through the basics of the study displayed on the poster board. The poster presentation format is less formal and more interactive than an oral seminar because it provides the opportunity for viewers to engage in discussion and to have one-on-one interactions with both fellow viewers and the presenter. Though posters must be displayed for the entire day, poster presenters are only required to be present at their poster board during the assigned time of their poster presentation.

Poster Hall Location and Schedule

Poster sessions will take place on Thursday, Wednesday and Thursday at various times throughout each day. All poster sessions will take place in Hall Anna de Noailles at the Palais beaumont Center. Posters are displayed for the entire day, although presenters are only required to be present at their board during their assigned presentation time.

Set Up and Removal

Posters must be hung in advance of the scheduled session day and remain in place all day. All poster boards must be cleared in preparation for the next day, so presenters must remove their posters no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the last poster session of the day.
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