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The city of Pau is located in the south-west of France, at the foot of the Pyrenees and right next to the Spanish border.

Culture & heritage : Pau Porte des Pyrénées is a land of discoveries that shares the secrets of its rich history born from a variety of origins.

Discover the cradle of the royal city and its emblematic king Henry IV at the National Museum of the Château of Pau. The diversity of its architecture is a condensed version of the city's history.

Wine & Fine dining: blessed by its famous gentle climate, Pau Porte des Pyrénées is proud of its "yellow gold", the sweet Jurançon wine. In the heart of a land of colours and taste, our many tasty food excursions will take you on a discovery of local Béarn products.

Nature excursions & outings: Fun and relaxation are the two themes of a wellness trip with a natural accent! Between the cities and the vineyards, the Gave and picturesque villages, life beats to the rhythm of parks, gardens and the woodlands that surround the area.

Sorts & leisure activities: a colourful program to take you to thrilling new horizons! We offer a variety of activities, from rafting or kayaking on the white-water rapids as well as hiking, horse riding, or cycling.

For more information (Pau Pyrénées website)

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